I Nurture the VIUF Beloved Community By

On Sunday October 11th, Alix and Bob lead us through a fabulous service where we broke into small groups and discussed what the fellowship brings to our lives, and in turn how do we nurture our beloved community.

Here are the notes of what we wrote down.

I nurture the VIUF Beloved Community by…
Bringing my children to Fellowship • Singing • Being willing to play • By Conscious Awareness of the opportunities of deeper friendships and supportive caring and love • By the interests and talents I have to share or stimulate others by my prayers and thoughts for the healing of the Planet and it’s community • Serving on the Board • Setting up audio • Redeveloping the website • Supporting RE • Volunteering in RE • Holding Sacred Space • Pledging • Singing • Joining Church groups e.g. book club, circle dinners, picnics, etc. • Leading CIUF Choir and helping the Fellowship sing-out • Listening, being present to fellow friends • Showing up • Second Tuesdays (close to 30 years) and mostly I’ve been there and done that • (Too tired to do much more – Love, from Beryl) • Being present on Sundays • Being available for those who need help • Bringing my organizational skills and energy to the Board • Bringing my ideas and energy to the Program Committee • Bringing my recharged self to the larger community • Singing in the choir • Working on the Committee on Ministry • Hospitality Committee • My attendance • wisdom • 5+/- years • children 1/12th of the year • A hunger • Participating in BYOT group • Sharing my singing • Active listening • Friendship • Setting up the Sunday service hall • Help plan our Sunday programs • Give money to support • Participate in a BYOBS group • Bringing fresh organic fruits to the Vashon community (strawberries, cherries, apples, pears, peaches, and plums) • Taking on little actions to encourage sharing • Sharing my experiences and encouraging others • Paying my pledge • My positive views of being in community • Sharing of concerns to connect • Being present in the moment and open • Singing • Getting to know people • Sharing stories • Staying committed to keeping it alive and well • Building relationships with other community members • Loving up the kids • Singing • By being heart-centered when I walk in the door • Leading a committee and pitching in wherever I can • Service as a Board member • Bringing flowers for Sunday service • Kindness and caring for others • Listening and leading • Supporting our Ad-Hoc Inclusion group • Participating in Friends-of-David group • Participating in Congregational Governance • Bringing an attitude of loving kindness • Bringing a desire to make the Beloved Community happen • Listening to others • Helping with various groups • Bringing my knowledge and energy to organizational / practical needs of the community (Board, Stewardship, Sunday Market) • Asking how people are doing, volunteering to help those in need • I bring support to my Unitarian friends, of which I may be one • Helping the leaders do what they do • My willingness to be of service and my love for this community • Showing up • Bringing snacks and decor • Pledging • Serving on the Board • Singing • Thinking ahead of how to develop our future • Trying to be a good friend • Sharing joy and friendship •
The VIUF Beloved Community nurtures me by…
Opportunity to breathe in peace, allowing myself the space to focus on others in a way that doesn’t happen in my regular life • Gives me a warm welcome at all of the activities I do • Nurtures my development of values I respect and aspire to practice • helps me enjoy life with interesting input • Spiritual inspiration • Compassionate friends • Richness of association and sharing with people I’ve come to care about a lot • The one designated time of the week that I focus on my spirituality and “reset” for the coming week; and reset how I can be a better person the coming week • Some fiscality/physical strength • taking care of me when I became alone • Inspiration • A sense of peacefulness within • Support • Encouragement • Friendship • I feel supported, known, seen by people in our community • I find meaning in helping the children to internalize the UU principals and to examine their own thoughts and feelings • By providing a place where I feel entirely free to be my authentic self without having to filter my spiritual beliefs • By giving me a chance to experience and grow my “higher self” • Belonging • Caring • Refresh – Revive • “Recharges my batteries” on Sundays • Provides a calming refuge from the day to day pressures • a book club • Friends • Reinforce goodness in the world • Share with caring friends • Nurtured by Joys and Concerns • The weekly sermons by ministers and lay people • Affirmations of shared values • The caring attitude of others • Sharing our active reflection on our beliefs • Friendship • Provides a humanist caring community • The gift of inspiration and love • Unconditional acceptance • Good coffee • A focus and identity • A group of friends I respect and love and know I can count on • Challenges – nudges – reminders • Gives me hope • Provides perspective • Gets me outside myself and family • Unconditional… (fill in the blank) • I am always happy to feel a sense of belonging wherever it is – and this kind of community fills that need for me • I need a regular focus in my week to remember who I am and what I can do to make healing and hope an idea to dwell on • Holds sacred space • Develops community • Space for my kids to practice, play, gain confidence, become leaders • Provides friendship • Provides thoughtful contemplation of important ideas • Provides help and caring when necessary e.g. a safety net • Ideas • Support • Warmth • A consistent weekly place to meet with loved ones and escape my daily life • Friends – Rich relationships • Community that holds me in its loving arms • Love and caring • The lift! • Knowing I’m at home • Nurtures my spirit on Sundays • Provides a community of support • Has eased my way into retirement • Gives me a chance to sing, meditate, and be present • Brings new people into my life • Circle dinners • Sunday service • Connections / Relations with people whom otherwise I wouldn’t know • Opportunities to celebrate / honor my spiritual path • Ritual, tradition • Teamwork • Communication • Developing my spiritual foundation • Challenging me •